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I am a Gaelic singer living in the Highlands.I have produced 4 CDs - the most recent being "Archipelago- Songs of the Scottish Islands in Scots 7 gaelic""released on the Greentrax label. The other Cds are " A Good Suit of Clothes- emigrant Songs" "Duan Nollaig" - a unique Gaelic Christmas double CD( also on Greentrax, 2007) and "Orain nan Rosach" ( 2006). Since May 2015, I have been lucky enough to be working as the Canna House archivist on the Isle of canna, for the Nationl Trust for Scotland, looking after the incredible folklore archives fo John Lorne and Margaret Campbell.I look forward to keeping you up to date with my music, gigs, news www.fionamackenzie.org Tapadh leibhs! Thank you!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Oran an Latha- Taladh Choinnich Oig/Lulllaby of Young Kenneth 30/08/09

Lullaby of Young Kenneth - from Orain nan Rosach 2006 - Songs of the Ross-shire Folk.

Fail iu fail eo hi u ho ro
Fail iu fail eo hillinn o ho
Ho hi ho ro ho hi ibh o

A Mhac Coinnich na biodh gruaim ort
Cha do ghlac do mhàthair buarach
No plaide bhan air a h-uachdar
Ach sìoda dearg is srol uaine

Se Mac Coinnich fhuair an t-urram
A miosg nam morbhairean uile
Cheannaicheadh e fìon baile Lunnainn
Each is dìollaid fo chuid ghillean

A Mhac Coinnich mhòir a Brathann
Mhic an t-Seoid nach fhuilingeadh masladh
Cheannaicheadh tu fìon dha t-eachaibh
S cruidhean dha’n or a chur fo’n casan

Chan eil an Coinenach og ach leanabh
Cha do ràinig e aois a sheanar
Marbhaiche’n fhèidh air na beannaibh
Is coilich dhuibh air bàrr nam menagan

O son of Kenneth do not be sad
Your mother was never bound to do housework
Or have a white plaid around her shoulder
But red silk and green satin.

It is Mackenzie who commands respect
The best of all the lairds
He would buy wine from London City
A horse and saddle for every servant

O son of Kenneth, Laird of Brahan
Son of the hero who never had to suffer shame
You would buy wine for your horses
And you would put shoes of gold on their feet

Young Kenneth is still a baby
He has not reached the age of his grandfather
Who was a killer of deer out on the bens
And of the black cocks at the tops of the branches

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