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Monday, 3 August 2009

Gaelic Song of the Day 03/08

Todays song is Cuir Culaibh ri Asainte - Turn your back on Assynt, an emigrant song of leaving Sutherland for Canada.

Cuir Cùlaibh Ri Asainte

Cuir cùlaibh cuir cùlaibh
Cuir cùlaibh ri Asainte
Cuir cùl ri tìr nan Gaidheal
Far ‘n robh mi og is amaideach
Cuir cùlaibh cuir cùlaibh
A ghillean òga eistibh
Gus ‘n dèan mi sgeula aithris dhuibh
Oir feumaidh mi bhith fàgail
An tìr a dh ‘àraich m’athraichean

S’ann air Diciadaoin
Gu moch anns a mhàdainn
Dh’fhalbh mise le mo thriall
A dòl thar chuan a Chanada.

Bho’n dh’fhàg sinn Loch –an –Inbhir
Bha mise dol air m’aineolas
Mu’s d’ràinig sinne Luirge
Cnoc na glean cha b’aithne dhomh

Disathairne rinn sinn seòladh
Bho’n Broomielaw ‘n Glaschu
Measg treubhan dheth gach seòrsa
Air bòrd ‘n “Southwark” Shasunnach

Ach tha mi nochd gu tùrsach
Falbh air sràidean Chanada
Is caolas farsainn fiadhaich
Eadar mi ‘s mo luaidh tha’n Asainte

Cuir cùlaibh cuir cùlaibh
Cuir cùlaibh ri Asainte
Cuir cùl ri tìr nan Gaidheal
Ach dùil gu’n till mi dhachaidh ann
Cuir cùlaibh cuir cùlaibh

Leaving behind leaving behind
Leaving behind leaving Assynt behind
Leaving behind the land of the Gaels
Where I was young and foolish

O young lads now listen
While I tell you my tale
For I must be leaving
The land where my ancestors were reared

It was on a Wednesday
Very early in the morning
That I left with my heartache
To go over the sea to Canada

From the time we left Lochinver
I was in totally strange country
By the time we reached Lairg
Neither hill nor glen did I know

On Saturday we set sail
Drom the Broomielaw in Glasgow
Among all different races of people
On board the boat from England, the “Southwark”

Tonight I am so sad
Walking the streets of Canada
With the wide angry ocean
Between me and my love in Assynt

Leaving behind leaving behind
Leaving Assynt behind
Turning your back on the land of the Gaels
But I do hope to return there

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