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I am a Gaelic singer living in the Highlands.I have produced 4 CDs - the most recent being "Archipelago- Songs of the Scottish Islands in Scots 7 gaelic""released on the Greentrax label. The other Cds are " A Good Suit of Clothes- emigrant Songs" "Duan Nollaig" - a unique Gaelic Christmas double CD( also on Greentrax, 2007) and "Orain nan Rosach" ( 2006). Since May 2015, I have been lucky enough to be working as the Canna House archivist on the Isle of canna, for the Nationl Trust for Scotland, looking after the incredible folklore archives fo John Lorne and Margaret Campbell.I look forward to keeping you up to date with my music, gigs, news www.fionamackenzie.org Tapadh leibhs! Thank you!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Gaelic Song of the Day ( Sunday 02/08)

Todays song is O Mo Dhuthaich - O My Country- An emigrant song from South Uist.
Click on island of South Uist on the audio map at www.fionamackenzie.org/Audio_Map.html

O Mo Dhùthaich

O mo dhùthaich, 's tu th'air m'aire,
Uibhist chùbhraidh, ùr nan gallan,
Far am faicte na daoin' uaisle
'S far bu dual do Mhac 'ic Ailein.

Tìr a' mhurain, tìr an eòrna,
Tìr sam pailt’ a h-uile seòrsa
Far am bi na gillean òga
Gabhail òran‘s g’òl an leanna.

Thig iad thugainn carach, seòlta
Gus ar mealladh far ar n-eòlais.
Molaidh iad dhuinn Manitoba,
Dùthaich fhuar gun ghual, gun mhòine.

O gur mise tha gu cràiteach;
'S trom mo cheum, neo-aotrom tha mi;
O'n a dhealaich mi ri'm chàirdean
Thuit mo chridhe 's mo cheòl-gàire.

Fhir a shiùbhlas bàrr an t-sàile
Thoir mo shoraidh gu mo chàirdean;
Guidheam nach trèig sibh ur n-àite
Airson uachdaran no bàillidh

Nam biodh agam fhìn de stòras,
Deagh dheis' aodaich , paidhir bhrògan,
Agus m'fharadh bhith nam phòca,
'S ann air Uibhist dhèanainn seòladh.

Oh my land, you’re always in my thoughts
Fresh, fragrant Uist, home of heroes
Where the noble people live
Herditary territory of Clanranald.

Land of bent grass, land of barley
Land fertile in every way
Where the young lads
Sing songs and drink ale

They come to us, wily and cunning
To seduce us from our homeland
They sing the praises of Manitoba
A cold country without coal, without peat.

Oh, I am distressed
My step is heavy, I am sombre
Since I parted from my friends
My heart and my laughter have waned away

You who travel across the ocean
Bear this greeting to my family
I pray, you, do not desert your homeland
For any land owner nor bailiff.

If only I was rich enough
To possess a good suit of clothes, a pair of shoes
And my fare in my pocket
I would set sail immediately for Uist.

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