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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Oran an Latha- Song of the Day

Todays song is Òran a’Chianalais.The Homesickness song. Composed by Iain Archie MacAskill, The Berneray Bard, who emigrated to Western Australia in 1924 and composed on the eve of his departure. In the early 20thC, approximately 9,000 people emigrated to Australia every year under a Government scheme which provided grants of land and money as an incentive to developing wheat and sheep farming. Iain Archie was destined never to return to Berneray. A song of intense homesickness despite the cheerful sounding chorus!
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Oran a’Chianalais- Song of Homesickness. Macaskill/arr Duguid

Ho ro fal il lo hog I o ho ro i
Ho ro fal il lo hog I o ho ro hi
Ho ro fal il l lo hog I o ro hi
Sa bhi fàgail na dachaidh dh’fhàg airtneal ‘nam chlì.

Gur mise tha fo chùram ‘s mi ‘n dùil ri bhi falbh
Air latha na bliadhn’ ùire s beag tha shunnd a tighinn orm
A dh’ionnsaigh na dùthcha tha cùbhraidh na sealbh
Astralia mhòr iomall còmhdach na fairg’.

Ged dhèanainn mo dhìcheall Sa sgrìobhadh le làmh
Cha b’urrainn mi inns’ mar tha m’inntinn an drast’
Mo chridhe cha ghluais e s e fuaighte le cas
Mo ghean air a mhùchadh le ciùrradh do chradh.

Mo bheannachd do Bhearn’raigh seach àite fo’n ghrèin
Le machraichean fàsmhòr gu àrach na sprèidh
Tha pòr de gach blàth-lus a fàs ann gu sèimh
S air leòidean glas còmhnard uain òga ri leum

Ma ruigeas mi sàbhailt s a bhata ceann ùidh
Bidh misneachd is gabhachd gu làidir nam chridh’
Ged gheibhinn am pailliun cho àrd tha s’an tìr
Gu’mfhearr bhith ‘m Beàrn’aidh air Àirigh chrodh- laoigh

Nan robh mi mar fhaoileig readh aotram air chuairt
Gu’m falbhainn gu h-aotrom ri faontradh is cruas
Gu’n shiùbhlainn air sgiathan s cha’n iarrainn a nuas
Gu laighinn s a cheàrn ghlas a dh ‘àraich mi suas.

Ma gheibh mi mar b’abhaist mo shlàinte le smuais
Cha n fhanainn s a cheàrn seo Gu brath air son duais
Gu’n giùlain an t-aiseag mi thar bhàrr nan tonn uain’
A dh’ionnsaigh mo chàirdean tha tàmh s an Taobh Tuath

Ho ro fal il o hog I ho ro hi
Ho ro fal il o hog I ho ro hi
Ho ro fal il o hog I ho ro hi
To be leaving my home now brings sadness to me

Oh I am so worried
To think that I’ll leave
The first Day of the New Year
Little joy there is for me
To go to the country
Where riches are found
Australia the Great
Far away o’er the sea

Though trying my best
To write with my pen
Its hard to be telling
How my spirit is now
My heart is not lively
Its filled with woe
My joy has been smothered
And tortured by the pain

My blessings to Berneray
Best under the sun
With fields that are fertile
For grazing the herds
While grain of the best
Will grow there with ease
On sloping green pastures
Young lambs are at play

If I should reach safely
The boats’ landing place
Then courage and toil would
Be strong in my heart
Though I’d get a palace
The best in the land
The sheilings of Berneray
I would still prefer

If I were a seagull
So light in flight
I’d soar away lightly
Though lonely and sad
On wings I would travel
Nor seek to come down
Till over the green pastures
Where I was brought up

If I keep, as usual
My health and my strength
I’ll not stay in that place
Forever for pay
The ferry would take me
O’er the top of green waves
To go to my kindred
Who live in the North

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