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I am a Gaelic singer living in the Highlands.I have produced 4 CDs - the most recent being "Archipelago- Songs of the Scottish Islands in Scots 7 gaelic""released on the Greentrax label. The other Cds are " A Good Suit of Clothes- emigrant Songs" "Duan Nollaig" - a unique Gaelic Christmas double CD( also on Greentrax, 2007) and "Orain nan Rosach" ( 2006). Since May 2015, I have been lucky enough to be working as the Canna House archivist on the Isle of canna, for the Nationl Trust for Scotland, looking after the incredible folklore archives fo John Lorne and Margaret Campbell.I look forward to keeping you up to date with my music, gigs, news www.fionamackenzie.org Tapadh leibhs! Thank you!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

A Gael in Spain stays Mainly on the train......strikes allowing...

Getting organised for the Gaelic Song & Language course I am running in Andalucia, Spain , at the end of this month. 'Gaidhlig Thall Thairis' takes place in the tiny village of Juzcar from 28 April to May 2nd and myself and Rhoda Meek will be teaching Song and Gaelic in surroundings more likely to house the odd flamenco dancer or finca owner, than a shivering, white faced person with a distinctive accent reminiscent of jute mills or the Byres Road in Glasgow...........

But before we can get there , we have to GET THERE.......and thats not always easy from the Scottish Highlands. It takes me longer to get to the airport to fly to Malaga, than it does for the actual flight. Folk in the South sometimes forget how difficult travel can be for us- my travel plans over the winter, to gigs, concerts etc have been interrupted on several occasions because of a) weather and b) strikes. Life is costly enough these days without losing several £s because of missed journeys. Also , dont forget that the likelihood is that I will have had to go 'down' the night before and stay in a hotel just to avoid any danger of a traffic delay or flood, pestilence and all the other reasons Farce Railscot give for delays......... So that budget flight has suddenly assumed proportions equal to a first class ticket toMelbourne.... Watch this space......

Gaelic Phrase for Today - I am fed up of it! Tha mise seachd sgith leis! pronounced- Tha mishuh sh-ach-k ski laysh!


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